Construction Technology of Asphalt Gravel Synchro

1 change the original synchronous construction mode

Stable, reliable, high precision, adjustable range is a significant feature of this device to make up for the current domestic common gravel from the falling fine material spread uneven uneven. Change the original mode of construction of synchronous vehicles to further construction, superior R & D strength of the first-class process to ensure the quality of the product quality, import components to ensure that the core system is highly stable and reliable, belt conveyor + spiral feeder + stone conveyor roll + material Reflector four-in-one, the amount of cloth can be precisely adjusted to further improve the smoothness of spreading spread, especially the combination of spiral feeder and the distribution of stone chips is to solve the uneven dispersion of synchronous scraper defects. To ensure the quality of construction at the same time more savings in construction costs.
2 design principles of innovation
The whole car is innovated with belt scraper feeding, two belt conveyor feeding, screw feeder material, to further improve the uniformity of the aggregate spread and efficiency, spreading width of 4.5M, stone cutting roller with full hydraulic expansion Control, effectively reduce the labor intensity of construction workers, to achieve the spread of the width of 0-4.5M rapid adjustment. The degree of intelligence of the whole car has reached the international leading level, the control system adopts the German import control core, the system sensitivity is high and extremely stable.
3, after repeated tests, promote the use of.
The United States and build a large number of manpower and material resources, repeated trial technology is now mature, has been extended to the three provinces and foreign South America. The United States and build a machine every product is the perfect combination of human nature and technology, relying on a strong R & D strength and strict quality control system, each product has undergone a large number of tests to improve the market after the technology is mature and reliable, and now Not only in the country has a stable customer base, it is such a high-end products into the country - the international market.
4, widely acclaimed, broad prospects.
    Equipment performance in the construction reached the international advanced level, by domestic and foreign customers recognition and affirmation. Equipment in the construction of the use of a variety of complex construction environment to withstand the test, showing extraordinary performance, after comparison to measure the construction performance of the leading domestic first-class level.