Compressor Lhasa to fly - to fight the roof of the world

Recently, DOAN compactor in Lhasa smooth delivery. As early as October, Xining Office was informed that Lhasa sanitation has the demand for purchasing compactors, and then the joint agent to proceed with the preparation of the tender. As the user before using the other brands of compactors, DOAN brand compaction machine awareness is low. At the same time, in Tibet high altitude operating environment, how to protect the normal use of compactors have concerns, so more inclined to import equipment.

Difficulty in the winning case is very large, Xining office as a positive, many visits to the door. Learned the user used DOAN bulldozer products, as a breakthrough, introduced DOAN compactor product performance, and gradually dispel the user's doubts.
In view of the follow-up service problem of the plateau construction site, the marketing department has customized the "housekeeper service mode" according to the experience of the plateau maintenance service for many years, dispatched the service engineer who has the experience and adapts to the work of the plateau, and is responsible for the after- Work, lifted the user's worries.
As a large tonnage compactor imported equipment imported from the successful replacement, DOAN compactor final success! At 4000 meters above sea level landfill operations, DOAN products with its high reliability, stability, adaptability, become an outstanding representative of China's national industry.