Comprehensive adjustment of ordinary highway custody authority

Jiangxi Provincial Government recently issued a "Jiangxi Province, the general highway management and rationalization of the work program," the province of ordinary provinces, municipal roads, rural roads and highway connections to determine the list of responsibilities. The adjustment of the clear responsibility, in accordance with the "program" provides that the original regulatory responsibility for more common road through the city and both urban road function of the road, clearly by the local government municipal road departments responsible for custody, highway connection line Local county-level government to determine the custody department, the general provincial highway in principle by the city highway department responsible for custody, rural road by the county government department in charge of transportation or township (town) government is responsible for custody.

The adjustment in accordance with the four principles, the principle of unified roadbed: the use of ordinary highway base unified for the 2016 annual report of the Ministry of Transportation Highway data. The principle of clear management of duties: In addition to the provincial road to the original section of the road, bridges, tunnels by the county (city, district) government custody or disposal, the general provincial provincial management duties were assigned to set up the city highway sector , Rural road management duties classified as county-level government departments in charge of transportation or township (town) government, ordinary roads through the city (excluding townships) and both urban road function of the road management duties classified as local government municipal road Department responsible.
Expressway connecting line to the principle of territorial management: highway toll square outside the line in principle unified by the county government level specific departments or units responsible for custody. Has been included in the urban area within the city or have been converted according to the urban road construction line by the local government municipal road department is responsible for custody. All the other into the rural road network system. The principle of attribution of property belongs to the same principle: the rationalization of the matter is not straightforward to the maintenance of workers, maintenance equipment and debt claims before the transfer of the road.
Different levels of ordinary highway management responsibilities clear, to solve the past because of the responsibility is unclear, the problem of each other prevarication system loopholes. The adjustment also lists the timetable, each district city traffic bureau, highway bureau in the end of January this year to complete the transfer of road basic data of the touch work; Provincial Department of Transportation issued by the end of February the final approval of the transfer of data, Before the end of September all the rearing (transfer) in place. Jiangxi Provincial Department of Transportation will organize the implementation of the specific implementation of the program and the work of the special supervision and inspection, and the completion of the matter to be completed in different parts of the annual traffic bureau, highway bureau "thirteen" during the annual target Task assessment content.