Completion technology of fine pits for road pits

 The key equipment involved in this technology: micro energy-saving asphalt mixing station, asphalt mixture insulation transport box.

Asphalt mixture directly determines the quality of the pit repair, in order to ensure the quality of the road pits, the road too mechanical for the current road maintenance dug pit defects exist needs analysis, research and development of micro-energy-saving asphalt mixing Station, asphalt mixture insulation transport box product portfolio, for the perfect solution to solve the problems of road pit repair construction, Henan Road, too maintenance Road Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a new "potholes fine repair complete sets of technology", this technology greatly improved Road pits to fill the fine filling the degree of operation, in line with national low-carbon environmental protection, safety and civilized construction requirements.
Equipment Exhibition
road pit grooving repair equipment
The drawbacks of the excavation of the pit
1. The daily routine of the road (especially the pit excavation operations) usually occurs in the summer (temperature above 10 ℃) when a winter maintenance to repair can not start.
2. In order to ensure that the necessary mix of curing, pit dug usually wait until the asphalt mixing station during the production process, there is "small pit does not fill the pit, the pit is not fill in the repair" phenomenon, missed the favorable opportunity for conservation The
3. Dump truck delivery mixture on the way the temperature loss quickly, how much easy to grasp the discharge, there is a mixture of segregation phenomenon.
Major innovation
1. This technology is not subject to climatic conditions and can be used throughout the year.
2. Micro-energy-saving asphalt mixing station to meet your unfavorable season, small quantities, low-cost supply of mixed materials;
3. Asphalt insulation transport box to solve the asphalt mixture during transport temperature loss, segregation and other issues;
4. Pile interface repair agent can achieve four seasons cold construction, 1 hour can reach 95% of the modified target to ensure effective bonding interface.
Construction technology
To maintain the pit 100 square meters, asphalt pavement 5cm thick example: the required mixture 100 square meters × 0.05m × 2.4t / m³ = 12 tons, the configuration of micro-energy-saving asphalt mixing station (production efficiency 15 ~ 20t / h) 1 Taiwan, asphalt mixture insulation transport box (volume 5m ³) 1, to meet the needs of the work.
Process: Mixing material → lofting slotting → pit cleaning → bottom coating → interface agent brushing → mixture → unloading → paving compaction.