Classification and application of milling machine

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According to the milling form, milling machine can be divided into two kinds of cold milling and hot milling. Cold milling type configuration power, tool wear faster, uniform cutting material size, can be set sprinkler sprinkler, widely used, the product has become a series; hot milling due to increase the heating device leaving the structure is more complex, generally used Road regeneration operations.
According to the direction of rotation of the milling rotor, can be divided into two kinds of milling and reverse milling. The direction of rotation of the rotor is the same as that of the wheel when the milling machine is running, and vice versa.
According to the structural characteristics, divided into two kinds of wheel and track. Wheeled mobility is good, easy transition, especially suitable for small and medium-sized road operations; track-type milling width of more than 2000mm large milling machine,
There are old material recycling equipment, suitable for large area road regeneration project.
According to the location of the milling rotor, can be divided into rear suspension, suspended and coaxial with the rear axle. The rear suspension is the tail of the rear axle; the suspension is the milling rotor between the front and rear axles; the rear axle coaxial type is the milling rotor and the rear axle coaxial arrangement.
According to the milling rotor operating width, can be divided into small, medium and large three. Small milling machine milling width of 300 ~ 800mm, milling rotor transmission more mechanical use, mainly for the construction area of ​​less than 100M2 road maintenance works; medium milling machine milling width of 1000 ~ 2000mm, milling rotor drive The way is mostly hydraulic; large milling machine milling width of 2000mm or more, generally with other machinery used to form a road repair and repair of complete sets of equipment, the milling rotor drive is also mostly hydraulic.
According to the transmission method is divided into two types of mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical work is reliable, easy maintenance, high transmission efficiency, low manufacturing cost, but its complex structure, the operation is not light, low operating efficiency, traction is small, suitable for cutting small shallow road maintenance operations; hydraulic compact , The operation of light, flexible, traction, but the manufacturing cost is high, more difficult to repair, suitable for deep cutting, large-scale road maintenance operations.