China rubber asphalt sprinkler technology pioneer

Now China's annual waste tire on the billion, and rubber powder production technology has matured, rubber asphalt or rubber powder mixture in the highway project has been applied, the paved road, the road performance is better, with noise reduction, Not only to prevent the early damage to the road, but also conducive to the use of heavy shaft; waste tire recycling, not only help solve the waste tires brought about by environmental pollution problems, but also reduce project costs and save energy.

DOAN (Group) is committed to the spirit of the cause of China's road maintenance technology, with superb technical research and design team, excellent professional production team, has developed and produced five series, more than 30 kinds of products, such as automatic asphalt sprinkler Cloth, synchronous gravel seal car, slurry seal car and other conservation equipment. In addition, won the "asphalt spreading car with agitator asphalt tank", "CNC machine with sieve machine", "combination of asphalt valve" three national patent projects, the national utility model patents twenty-nine, including "large-scale intelligent micro Table shop "was identified as the leading domestic level. June 2005, DOAN (Group) subsidiary - Henan Gaoyuan Highway Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first domestic automatic rubber asphalt sprinkler, and after the Office of Science and Technology of Henan Province identified, certified as a professional sprinkler Rubber asphalt high-tech products, the car in the independent external power output shaft installed on the power take-off, to ensure zero start spraying (has been the national patent.
According to the reporter to understand, lofty production of automatic banana asphalt sprinkler after nearly two years of practice, has been with the Ministry of Communications in Beijing 322 provincial highway reconstruction project sprinkle rubber asphalt test section; Sichuan Yibin Shu Nan bamboo The sea area of ​​the old road renovation project; in Jiangsu Province, Thailand (state) - high (Hong Kong) road cement pavement asphalt concrete pavement; Beijing Jingtong quick road reconstruction and other projects, a large scale sprinkled rubber asphalt adhesive layer. Indicating that the stability of the equipment is extremely strong, accurate cloth, can replace the international similar products, access to a very good social effect, greatly promoted the rubber asphalt in the construction of road construction applications. At present, Henan Gaoyuan Road Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. production of rubber asphalt sprinkler has been serialized, there are 10-18 tons of various models, suitable for different road construction requirements.
According to the car design researchers, this equipment in the asphalt tank to add a strong homogenization device, effectively solve the rubber asphalt easily precipitation, segregation of the problem; tank rapid heating system, heating speed, reducing the pre-construction time To ensure that the sprinkler temperature; asphalt pipe all with a thermal oil pipeline, the use of internal heat conduction oil to ensure that the pipeline unimpeded; spray system with a special design, can follow the speed changes automatically control the amount of cloth to ensure that sprinkle accurate, Construction performance is stable and reliable. At the same time it can replace the existing asphalt sprinkler, in the construction process can not only sprinkle rubber asphalt, but also sprinkle emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, heavy asphalt and high viscosity modified asphalt.