Characteristics of Expressway Maintenance

1, the implementation of the mandatory conservation

As China's expressway is both a national infrastructure and a charging feature, it is the primary task of maintenance management to ensure the good performance and excellent service level of the expressway. Any slack and negligence in the maintenance work will not only pose a potential hazard to the road and its facilities, but also a serious life threat to the occupants of high-speed driving. Therefore, the highway should be based on the law, laws and regulations on the basis of mandatory conservation.
2, conservation of the object of the extensive, comprehensive
In addition to roads, bridges, tunnels and ancillary facilities along the road, the expressway should also include transportation engineering facilities, monitoring, communication, lighting, greening, environmental protection, garden facilities, shedding facilities, and various living services Facilities and so on. The maintenance and management of these facilities covers almost all kinds of professional, such as bridge, construction, garden, electromechanical, optoelectronics, machinery, computer and so on, forming a comprehensive and sustainable system.
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3, comprehensive maintenance costs are high, high quality requirements
Due to the high standard of highway construction, wide range of conservation, better selection of materials, large scale of machinery and use ratio, complicated construction procedures and more comprehensive protection measures, more modern facilities and so on, so that the cost of highway maintenance management General highway is much higher. Expressway maintenance investment in exchange for the long-term well-being of roads and facilities, is the continuous improvement of service levels, is the toll revenue and social benefits of the double return.
Engaged in the maintenance of the operating staff, managers must be very familiar with the technical composition of the object of conservation, must have high quality.
4, the professionalism and complexity of conservation technology
In addition to the need for mechanized, specialized technology, but also with the development of conservation management continue to explore new technologies, new technology and new materials. Among them, such as high-strength road repair, bridge expansion joints repair, rapid replacement of barrier, channel seepage treatment, geosynthetics, etc., are the future highway maintenance and management generally encountered and need to seriously study the subject. At the same time, in the conservation and detection means, but also continue to be equipped with modern equipment to meet the long-distance highway, multi-point rapid detection and analysis. Conservation work involves a wide range of disciplines, high technology content, complex technical process.
5, maintenance mode of operation of the mobility and timeliness
Compared with the general road maintenance, the maintenance of the highway requires quick maneuver, practical and efficient, the maintenance process and the procedure are strong. The implementation of the maintenance operation needs to set the traffic safety control section specially.
Fourth, China's expressway maintenance and management of the existing problems
Due to the rapid development of expressway construction in China, the empirical and sustainable management mode under the traditional and long-term planned economic system can not meet the development requirements. The problems exposed at present are reflected in the following aspects.
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1, maintenance management system is not smooth
At present, the maintenance and management of expressways in China is the same as that of general highway maintenance. Most of them still adopt the management system of the cause, which can not reflect the requirements of the commercialization of the commercialization of the highway. The source of the maintenance fund is still using the way of withdrawal and can not adapt to the expressway Management of business management requirements, these aspects have seriously affected the improvement of conservation technology and management mechanism of innovation.
2, conservation operation mechanism behind, "rebuild light" thinking seriously.
Lack of adequate understanding of the mandatory requirements of conservation management and effective legal constraints; inadequate investment in conservation funds, lack of attention to scientific and technological progress, has not yet established a sound modern enterprise system.
3, the lack of conservation quota and norms.
For the characteristics of highway maintenance and management of the national or local unified conservation quota and technical specifications have not yet introduced the lack of strict consideration for the maintenance of project costs, arbitrarily large; maintenance quality assessment is still in accordance with the general road maintenance "good road Rate "indicators, can not meet the objective requirements of all-round maintenance of the highway.
4, conservation machinery supporting rate is insufficient, low scientific and technological conservation.
Although some places, some highways are equipped with imported high-power comprehensive conservation machinery from abroad, but the mechanical adaptability is poor, the development of mechanical performance is seriously inadequate, the use of low frequency, equipment idle waste is more serious; most maintenance operations still The use of traditional hand workshop-style production organization, the existing foreign technology, new technology, new materials only in the experimental stage, there is no large-scale promotion and use.
5, the overall quality of maintenance personnel generally low.
China is still in the highway construction and development period, a large number of relevant technical personnel and management personnel are put into the highway construction, so that the maintenance of management personnel in the lack of high-quality professional and technical personnel and management personnel.