Location of measuring and other preparatory work

 According to the elevation and coordinates of the reference point transferred from the design unit, the control points shall be set before the start of construction. The laying of the construction reference points along the route shall be carried out well and the center line of the roadway and the filling and digging of the roadbed shall be marked. But also do a good job along the geological, hydrological and underground pipeline survey and survey work to develop safety technical measures.
Subgrade earthwork works
1、Subgrade earthwork and the abolition of the total construction process is as follows: Subgrade earthwork total construction process
2、Construction surveying
Before the construction, according to the construction plans and supervision engineers to provide the plane control network and elevation points for excavation measurements. Test the center line of the road, set the gantry pile, spread out the excavation, backfill the edge of the gray line, and carefully review to ensure accuracy.
In the process of excavation or backfilling, the surveyor shall keep track and review according to the design section to prevent under-excavation, and not over-excavation or backfilling.
Equipment Exhibition
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3、Balance conditions 
Before excavation, excavation and filling procedures shall be worked out for reasonable construction. Earth and stone deployment, the man-machine coordination, machinery-based. The road works, fill a large amount of stone. According to the excavation of the soil to determine the use of backfill soil and the location of the lot. For non-applicable soil material to take a removal and Sinotrans, to avoid secondary transport out.
4、Excavation of earth work 
Conditions of subgrade excavation process below
Excavation process of earth and stone roadbed
5、 Excavation Method and Main Points
Excavation with excavator digging, dump truck with transportation. Earth and stone excavation to the base level until the end of elevation. According to the excavation and stone balance program to arrange the construction plan, in order to reduce the project cost, as far as possible earth and stone excavation and filling work together to arrange, so that excavation and filling work coordination.
6、Methods and Main Points of Earth - rock Filling
According to the design requirements and different construction sites using different compaction methods to ensure that fill the earth and stone to meet the design requirements, the principle of rolling: first light after the weight, the first stable after the vibration, the first slow after fast, overlapping tracks.
Rolling should be straight along the direction of the car line, gradually pressed by the middle edge, the speed of uniform and orderly, rolling times to reach the specification. Roller rolling less than the place, with the frog ramming machine (impact ram) compaction conscientiously order tamping, ramming surface in the vertical and horizontal direction should be heavy.
Lime stabilized soil
1、Prepare the lower layer
2、Construction lofting
4、Paving earth
5、Leveling and soft reduction
6、Disposal and paving lime
7、Mixing (dry mix)
8、Add water and wet mix
9、Shaping and rolling
10、Treatment of joints