Benefit Analysis of Preventive Maintenance of Asphalt Pavement

With the increase of China's reform and opening up, the total mileage of China's roads will increase year by year. At present, the total mileage of highway traffic in China has exceeded 4 million kilometers, of which 85,000 kilometers are highway (the province's highway has exceeded 4,000 kilometers). Large and medium-sized cities have formed a basic between the highway network, connecting large and medium-sized cities and various small towns and the majority of rural roads for the two or three highways. These two, three highway maintenance problems are more and more prominent.

First, the classification of asphalt pavement maintenance technology
Asphalt pavement maintenance technology is divided into three categories:
First, preventive maintenance, refers to the situation in the road is still relatively good, to take some necessary technical means to make the road function to maintain a better state, foreign applications are very successful table, slurry seal is a typical prevention Sexual conservation technology;
Second, the corrective conservation, refers to the road has been a variety of diseases, to take the appropriate conservation measures, usually we pan oil, larger rutting, wider cracks and other treatment measures to implement the scope of corrective conservation;
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Third, emergency maintenance, refers to the maintenance of emergency situations, such as the need for immediate treatment of the pits, collapse repair and so on.
The difference between the three types of conservation strategies is mainly due to the different timing of conservation and there is no clear boundary. Among them, the prevention of conservation originated in the last century 80's, developed countries in Europe and the United States has been deeply rooted among the people, is one of the most cost-effective conservation policy for asphalt pavement damage road maintenance measures, generally can be divided into repair and preventive Conservation of two.
Repair maintenance is in the road after the damage of conservation; preventive maintenance is in the road before the occurrence of disease prevention and maintenance. This paper analyzes the influence of preventive maintenance measures on the asphalt pavement of high grade highway from three aspects: technical measures, preventive precautions and economic benefits.
Second, several commonly used preventive maintenance measures
In order to reduce the cost of road maintenance and improve the economic efficiency of the road, many countries vigorously develop preventive maintenance technology measures to promote the improvement of road maintenance level. At present, the domestic and foreign commonly used preventive maintenance technology measures are as follows:
1) fog seal. When the asphalt pavement is still in a state of basic integrity, but has begun to appear a slight fatigue cracking, the phenomenon of oil, fog seal is the most effective means of curing this stage, fog seal can penetrate into the aggregate seam, Flow into the cracks to the road "blood transfusion", so as to restore the road table asphalt adhesion, to fill tiny cracks and gaps, to prevent road surface underwater infiltration, can play a road to restore the road performance to maintain 2 to 3 years, The higher cost of conservation works. But the fog seal is not much effective for filling long cracks.