Automatic asphalt sprinkler

DOAN Asphalt Sprinkler is a professional sprinkling of emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, heavy asphalt and high viscosity modified asphalt intelligent high-tech products. The product is easy to operate, in the absorption of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of the technology to increase the quality of construction to ensure that the technical content and highlight the improvement of construction conditions, the construction environment of human design. Its reasonable and reliable design to ensure the uniformity of the asphalt cloth, industrial computer control is stable and reliable, the whole technical performance has reached the world advanced level. The car by the company's engineering department in the construction of continuous improvement, innovation and perfect, applicable to a variety of work environment capacity.
The product has been widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects, can be used for different grades of road pavement upper and lower sealing layer, through layer, waterproof layer, adhesive layer, asphalt surface treatment, asphalt through the road, fog seal Engineering construction, can also be used for liquid asphalt or other heavy oil transport.
Performance characteristics
1 The car has been installed on the independent external power output shaft of the excellent performance of high temperature clutch, to ensure zero start spraying, the technology has been national patent, patent number: 200420041674.8; according to the amount of spray and the width of the work needs, through the industrial computer Any combination of rows of nozzles can be made;
Can be used to launch the main vehicle and connected to the external power supply in two ways to achieve heating function, in which the engine flame state using external power supply technology has been the national patent, patent number: ZL03241904.X, the technology can reduce the engine wear, To extend the life of equipment and save energy consumption (annual savings of about 10t); the car with China National Heavy Duty Truck gold Prince car chassis, with strong carrying capacity, high power, low fuel consumption, low emissions, stable operation, reliable braking The The cab is equipped with high-grade, air-conditioned, comfortable environment, safe driving; the advanced processing technology and strict precision test, so that each nozzle spray consistency has been fully guaranteed;
Manual / automatic control can be achieved for each nozzle of the individual control, which randomly adjust the sprinkle width; asphalt sprinkler control can be completed in the cab can also be in the rear of the operating platform to control; industrial computer can be According to the input parameters and radar tachometer feedback data automatically control the amount of spray; industrial computer can be changed according to the situation, modify the various parameters, so as to accurately control the displacement of the asphalt pump, so that the amount of noise control within ± 1.5% ;
The use of imported high-temperature seals and special structural design to ensure the reliability of the system between the dynamic seal; the product section of the transfer section are used high-quality materials, optimize the design of the structure and reasonable processing technology to ensure that the work Reliability, to solve the oil spill; heating system using Italy imported burner, with automatic ignition and temperature control function;
Optimized design of the burner shield, to avoid damage caused by the overflow of the asphalt by the hole, in addition, the surrounding sleek transition and packaging strip to avoid scratches the operator; all nozzles, pipes and asphalt pump are used to heat the whole oil Azure cycle heating, insulation, to ensure that the asphalt unimpeded, while avoiding the asphalt aging charred; the use of international advanced imported high viscosity asphalt pump, the external asphalt can be pumped into the tank to achieve "self-absorption" Pumped; the car is equipped with gravity emptying device, you can not start the case of asphalt pump can be completely empty the remaining bitumen;
The key components of the machine (such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, asphalt pump, heat pump, pneumatic control valve, automatic control system, radar, encoder, etc.) are imported components to ensure the reliability of the machine to improve the use of Life; easy to design the side of the toolbox large capacity, sealed waterproof effect is good, the appearance of nice; in order not to prevent other parts of the maintenance of demolition under the premise of the layout of the various sections of ladder and handrails, easy to operate; all heat pipe external insulation Insulation layer, reduce the amount of heat at the same time to avoid burn operators;
(10-15 ℃ / h), can improve the heating efficiency and reduce the construction assistance time, to ensure that the sprinkler temperature (in addition to the temperature) ; Each nozzle can be individually controlled, and can be any combination, randomly adjust the sprinkle width; asphalt spray rod with three folding structure, by moving up and down sprinkler can be achieved double or multiple spray, by moving the sprinkler Can expand the scope of sprinkling, and can effectively avoid obstacles;
The middle sprinkler is equipped with a balancing device to effectively prevent the sagging of the sprinklers on both sides of the construction. The rear of the car is equipped with a bumper to protect the sprinkler; it can be used to spray the spray Local spraying;
The asphalt tank is provided with a settling tank and equipped with liquid level display and alarm and safety device. The equipment itself is equipped with warning signs and night working lighting device. The sprinkler prevents the asphalt from adhering during construction. High pressure air and a small amount of diesel will be completely empty asphalt in the pipeline empty, convenient and efficient, saving energy; good insulation layer can ensure that the static insulation performance index ≤ 12 ℃ / 8 hours, and corrosion and durable; stainless steel packaging, beautiful, durable.