Asphalt sprinkler uneven distribution problem

With the asphalt sprinkler today's road construction in the application of more and more practical problems in the process also followed. The most important thing is the asphalt sprinkler cloth cloth quality is often not meet the ideal requirements, the prevalence of horizontal sprinkler uneven phenomenon. The horizontal stripes shown below are typical transverse nonuniformities.

 Many of the literature on the uneven distribution of the phenomenon of in-depth analysis. To find out the factors affecting the uniformity of the cloth, for the design and manufacture and construction work put forward many good suggestions. Since all the studies on this issue are based on the theory of "spray overlap", the author also attempts to analyze whether it can eliminate the phenomenon of inequality according to this accepted theory.
Equipment Exhibition
asphalt sprinkler uneven distribution problem
Under normal circumstances, the asphalt sprinkler from the engine (equipped with independent engine asphalt pump will be through the pipeline through the pipeline to the rear spray pipe, from dozens or chassis engine) to drive the hydraulic pump, and then driven by the hydraulic motor asphalt pump. The nozzle is evenly ejected. By changing the asphalt pump speed (usually by changing the hydraulic pump displacement or hydraulic motor speed to achieve) to change the asphalt pump flow. If the flow changes and speed changes to adapt. You can achieve uniform distribution of asphalt. This is very easy for the use of automatic control of the asphalt sprinkler is very easy to achieve. The above-mentioned uniform sprinkling, in fact, refers to the vertical (vehicle direction) on the uniform sprinkle. In the actual construction, it is difficult to eliminate the uneven distribution of horizontal phenomenon.
Asphalt is ejected from the nozzle. Will form a fan, the angle is dawn, so that each nozzle sprayed out of the fan deflection angle j child mouth, so that it will not interfere with each other. The fan is sprayed onto the road surface to form a certain shape (hereinafter referred to as the projection plane 1. Assuming that the nozzle pitch is L, the length of the spray pipe is IV, the length of the spray projection surface is in the horizontal direction, and the appropriate parameters are selected (8 = L), the flow distribution of the non-uniformity of the flow of 6 do not d. In the case of a single nozzle flow under the same conditions. When the two overlapping (B = 2L), the nonuniformity can be reduced to 10%; and when the three overlapping (mouth = 3L) is reached, the nonuniformity can be reduced to less than 2%. This is the current recognized "spray overlap" theory.