Asphalt road disease road maintenance essentials

Asphalt pavement maintenance(DAZ60-A120G,DAZ60-A80,DAZ60-A40) should be based on prevention, early in the disease, we must promptly found that early action, to take preventive maintenance, to minimize the hidden dangers of disease, to prevent "minor illnesses drag, adversely affected by the disease." Focus on tight "five points." First, run the sand point, an area of 10 square meters or less, due to asphalt peel, fine aggregate ran out, the surface was honeycomb. The second is the local settlement point, vertical and horizontal direction within 1m settlement of more than 2 cm, traffic obvious beating. Third, pumping pulp point, pavement cracking, net crack, water infiltration to the grassroots, the emergence of grassroots scouring pulp slurry. Fourth, the ups and downs, the top surface of the road surface to form a local longitudinal shift washboard, transverse rut. Fifth, crack points, horizontal joints, longitudinal joints, soft, just combined with the Department (such as the bridge head board joints), such as cracks in the wrong Taiwan, the height difference is greater than 5 mm.

There are four main methods of road maintenance, one anti-seepage coating. Mainly for the road network crack, but no significant deformation, nor the phenomenon of slurry slurry, you can use a thin layer of plastic repair coating to prevent water penetration. The second is filling waterproof. When the road surface cracks but did not appear obvious wrong sets, and no bite edge phenomenon, can be used as hot asphalt waterproofing approach. Third, heat baking feed. On the road surface cracks, honeycomb, rutting and other road surface deformation is not serious, can be hot bake, add the appropriate new materials, artificial mixing uniform, compaction reinforcement. Fourth, digging fill fill. If the pavement disease has spread to the middle and lower levels, and even the grassroots level, then the disease area must be excavated all, layered to fill. Asphalt pavement repair operations, the following three aspects must pay attention to grasp the essentials.
First, hot asphalt filling repair, pay attention to three points. 2, hot asphalt heating, the temperature should reach 130 ℃ above, to maintain its good liquidity; 3, the perfusion is completed, after the completion of the hot melt asphalt, To asphalt cooling to 60 ℃, still plasticity, with the shovel to remove excess surface asphalt to prevent pollution of the road.
Second, the surface layer of hot fill, pay attention to three points. 1, hot baking pavement when the disease, to be more than 100 ℃ when the temperature began to work; 2, the use of iron rake will have a rake surface of the rake and eradicate the surface of large aggregates, to ensure the repair effect; After the material, to comb and shake evenly, rolling compaction.
Third, the dug fill filling, pay attention to four points. 2, sprinkle the sticky layer of oil to be covered with the interface, and do not flow, to ensure that the surface is clean, clean, Can not have dead angle dead surface; 3, the thickness of the layered filling should not be greater than 6 cm, surrounded by packing to be slightly higher, and to stratified compaction, the degree of compaction to 95%; 4, Apply cold glue around the joints, to prevent water penetration.