Asphalt pavement rolling equipment

Rolling, paving followed by rolling process, compaction of the initial pressure, pressure, the final pressure (including molding) three stages. Normal construction rolling temperature of 110 ~ 140 ℃, and not less than 110 ℃; low temperature construction rolling temperature of 120 ~ 150 ℃. Rolling the end of the temperature of not less than 65 ~ 80 ℃. The rolling speed should be slow and uniform. At the beginning of the material temperature is high, not to produce the transition, cracking. Roller should be from the outside to the center of rolling, adjacent roller with overlapping 1/3 ~ 1/2 wheel width. Rolling should drive the wheel to the paver. Re-pressure using heavy-duty tire roller or vibratory roller, not less than 4-6 times, to achieve the required degree of compaction. The final pressure can be used heavy-duty tire roller or vibration vibration of the roller, not less than 2 times, until no track. In the continuous paving after the rolling, the roller is not free to pause. In order to prevent the roller sticky asphalt, can be mixed with the powder of water sprayed roller, is strictly coated with diesel.

The rollers shall not be turned on the unmilled and cooled road, and the U-turn or the parking is waiting. And shall not be parked in the molding of any mechanical equipment or vehicles, shall not be scattered mineral, oil and other debris, to strengthen the awareness of the protection of finished products. The ultimate goal of rolling is to ensure that the degree of compaction and flatness meet the specification requirements.
After the compaction of the asphalt mixture should be consistent with the degree of flatness and compaction of the method, therefore, asphalt mixture of each layer of rolling thickness should not be greater than 10cm, or should be layered paving and compaction, the rolling process Divided into the initial pressure, pressure and final pressure three stages. The initial pressure is carried out under the high temperature of the mixture paving. It should adopt the 60 ~ 80kN double-wheel roller slowly and evenly for 2 times. The rolling temperature should meet the requirements of the construction temperature. After the initial pressure, check the flatness, The arch should be properly adjusted when necessary; re-pressure is in the initial pressure, the use of heavy-duty roller or vibratory roller rolling 4 to 6 times, to achieve the required degree of compaction, there is no significant track, Pressure is to achieve the provisions of the main stage of the density; final pressure then followed by pressure, the final pressure selection 60 ~ 80kN double roller roller rolling not less than 2 times, and should be eliminated in the rolling process to produce the track and ensure Good smoothness of the surface of the road.