Asphalt pavement maintenance machine help road maintenance

In recent years, the Department of the introduction of "Internet + conservation" approach, innovative conservation concept, the establishment of "Xinyu road maintenance group" WeChat platform, the branch director, in charge of deputy director, conservation unit, comprehensive maintenance center, road squad leader, road officials Within the more than 100 people into the micro-credit group, the formation of the overall conservation of the command core. Daily road squad leader, road and other inspections found the problem of the problem, found that the person as the first responsible person will be sent to the WeChat group, the maintenance of supervision and rectification of the supervision of the director in time supervision, and the implementation of punishment, conservation branch online supervision of the command core Of the instructions, whether to be implemented, the Section on the group of conservation issues in a timely manner, but also to establish a strict and perfect accountability assessment mechanism to ensure the smooth progress of conservation work.

asphalt pavement maintenance machine
It is reported that since 2017, the Board from the point of view of both the symptoms, focus on the weak links, focus blind spot blind spots, have invested about 120 million yuan of funds, the purchase of two sweeping machine, two water dispenser, Two sets of asphalt concrete construction equipment, to achieve maintenance and repair, part of the road cleaning mechanization. To carry out conservation demonstration road construction project, the overall highway, bridge disease, highway greening, ancillary facilities and other conservation work to improve and improve.
At the same time the recruitment of social conservation personnel more than 160 people, targeted to explore the development of the "conservation responsibility section" (the overall 400 km of the provincial trunk road divided into more than 100 responsibility section, 2 - 3 km fixed a maintenance workers, strict conservation Responsibilities and tasks), "highway environment six tasks", "Internet + highway", "maintenance and repair separation operations", "day scheduling system" and a set of effective use of long-term institutional mechanisms to promote the normalization of road maintenance , Made some useful experience and inspiration, to the general public a smooth, clean road traffic environment.