Asphalt pavement crack filling Process Overview

1. Application and Usage:

Sealing materials ointment. Construction process is simple, less equipment required, after the material is heated (heated to 120 degrees) water sprinkled with artificial cracks, sprinkle some stone chips can be opened to traffic; widespread use of the material, the use of good, but the disadvantage is mainly used for manual operation, there is a certain security risk.
2.Crack sealing machine plus pouring material
Construction process is as follows:
⑴Before routine inspection equipment, such as fuel oil deposit boxes, oil level, pipe, hose fittings and parts fastening case. Check everything to be normal, the move to self-construction point.
⑵Traffic construction safety regulations by placing warning signs, construction licensing, road signs facilities to ensure the safety of the construction site and in the past road safety.
⑶Press the road, adjust the slot machines slot width 1CM, depth 2CM, slot machines irregular road surface crack open a uniform groove track.
⑷Use a hair dryer on high pressure high pressure after notching road dust, road dust so after notching sand, no residue of old material, after passing the examination to the next step.
⑸On the one hand the heat gun to remove a wet road surface moisture to form a dry bonding surface; the other hand, the heat generated by the hot air gun can instantly asphalt pavement is heated, softened asphalt concrete pavement surface structure, pouring hot melt material formed in contact with the road surface heat effect, increasing the adhesive material between the road surface and, after passing inspection routine for the next step. (Generally temperatures above 5 ℃, construction under sunny circumstances, without this step)
⑹Operator holding a pouring gun, with the hot air spray gun after pouring. Injection pressure should be chosen when pouring pouring equipment, make sure the seam groove without leaving air.
Equipment Exhibition
asphalt pavement crack filling equipment
3.Road seam with pressure reducer completely closed and CAP asphalt layer technology (pressure seam tape + CAP)
Road presser sewing with atraumatic fracture treatment technology (often sold commercially). Not only can press the seam with a waterproof, and most important to prevent gnawing edge cracks, chipping, cracking effectively prevent water seepage cracks, to ensure that the road smooth, beautiful; and CAP handle small cracks, loose, chipping, use a combination of both, to achieve 1 + 1> 2 effect, can solve the whole problem of disease crack region is an area of scientific and effective prevention of crack seepage crack treatment technology. 1 pre-construction preparation work, tools: paper knife mediated, liquefied gas flame gun, tape measure, brush. 2. Materials: Road press seam zone, asphalt and gravel (≤5mm) mixes and other filling materials, CAP. 3, safety: safety signs for closed construction area.
4.Construction presser sewing tape
⑴In accordance with the relevant provisions of the construction design, set construction safety signs.
⑵Asphalt mixed with sand material to fill cracks in solid horizontal slit width ≥10mm and remove surface dust and dirt seam. If the dust is thick seam face, you need to seam side brushing CAP, or clean water, but the fracture face pasted road with front seam pressure to keep dry.
⑶Operation Road hot tack pressure seam tape
Depending on the size of the crack, cut cut good pressure seam band size, and press the seam to avoid contamination with adhesive surface. Liquefied petroleum gas flamethrower barbecue joints surfaces, use of waste heat baking pressed seam tape adhesive surface. If the surface is asphalt seam, the seam surface oil spots appear and press seam tape pasted surface becomes slick, press the seam tape to paste in the seam surface; if the seam surface is cement or steel, seam side barbecue relatively long time, spray guns should bring a little farther away from the seam. If the crack along the seam with a turn to the right, just a little left of the seam zone baking, and vice versa. For seam with ending part, seam side grill time should be longer, with the seam after seam pressed against the surface, then bake on both sides of the seam tape to slick. As shown in Figure 6. For less than a single crack crack width 10mm with hot press adhesive tape along the seam side seam pasting Sealing baking process. For small crack, small can be baked after the collapse of the seam zone melt pressure, while baking, while with a spatula to smooth the material level, then sprinkle with a suitable stone tablets.
⑷Sprinkle the road to bring pressure seam less than 3mm sand, wedging effect on fracture can achieve better results.