Gravel synchronous seal car

As a technology leader in the asphalt pavement maintenance industry, Daan Anjiu Machinery Co., Ltd. has independently developed the first synchronous seal car in China with intelligent linkage control of asphalt and gravel sprinkle (sprinkling) cloth in 2006, and formally filled the product " China to create "the blank, and participated in a large number of domestic and foreign levels of highway construction and conservation projects, after 10 years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, their quality, has been formed asphalt gravel synchronous seal car series of products, respectively, for the city DGL5250TFC-T384 type, DGL5251TFC-T385A type, as well as the new road, high-grade highway maintenance DGL5310TFC-T424 type, especially in order to meet the large area, high strength continuous construction requirements and specially developed the latest A DGL5250TFC-T454 type asphalt gravel synchronous seal car. A variety of models to meet the different needs of users, while relying on reliable equipment, stable performance and excellent market performance, prompted Dow An asphalt gravel synchronous seal car national standard drafters and developers.

At present, in order to solve the many old and new users duration of tension, a multi-purpose machine, the construction quality requirements continue to improve and other needs, DHA R & D team in the succession of old asphalt gravel synchronous seal car stable, reliable, accurate on the basis of innovation, (30L) + stone silo (13.5m ³), which is the largest and most technologically advanced DGL5250TFC-T454 type asphalt gravel synchronous seal car. The product has not only the largest domestic asphalt tank (10000L) , Can significantly improve the construction efficiency, and also has a maximum width of 4500mm sync layer, while rubber to meet the high-precision requirements of the sprinkler, is really able to spray rubber asphalt at the same time the most high-end asphalt gravel synchronous seal car.
Equipment Exhibition
2017 new type asphalt gravel synchronous seal car
Equipment chassis is mainly used in Shaanxi heavy truck chassis, power, carrying capacity, with a strong driving force, can be stable in the slope of the road conditions of construction;
Asphalt storage tank with independent research and design of the special structure, in the same tank capacity to reduce the situation of the vehicle center of gravity, safety performance, and can be adapted to more than the complex road conditions;
Asphalt tank unique double mixing system, fully achieved the rubber asphalt without dead angle heating mixing effect, while improving the asphalt heating rate, completely solve the rubber asphalt in the transport and heating process of rubber particles segregation, precipitation problems;
With the large displacement asphalt pump, to meet the needs of various conditions, while the asphalt pump speed by program control, as long as the set of asphalt and the working width, asphalt pump speed can be automatically adapted to the speed changes, the full realization of intelligent control;
The combination of silo structure as the first patent, construction height is low, volume, center of gravity is reasonable, work smoothly. Compared with the peer competing products, the length of the machine as short as 1m as much as the silo volume to maintain the maximum, so as to save the user back and forth loading time.