Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle Thermal Regeneration ZC-2000

ZC-2000 is a professional comprehensive repair equipment, combined with underpan, electric heating system, liquefied gas heating system, heat transfer fluid circulation system, storing box and emulsify asphalt sprinkling system, perfect heating function of mixed asphalt material ( two sets of heating function),emulsify asphalt sprinkling, heating maintenance of asphalt pavements, recycle of used material and many other functions. Can be used to all kinds asphalt road diseases in national highways, airport runway, municipal roads. Without seasonal restrictions during operations. Achieved the demands of road maintenance for fast arrive, fast repair and fast leave with high efficiency, low energy, less pollution and easily operation.

一、Main Technical Parameter

Item Name

Asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle

(Thermal regeneration)


Container Capacity

2.8 CBM

Overall Weight

10905 KG

Overall Size(L*W*H)

7600×2400×3050 mm



Electric heating parameters

Total Power

Maximum: 40KWAccording to the actual take electricity for 20 kw, 30 kw heating power switch

Heating Temperature

The highest temperature is 250 ℃, it is controlled by a thermostat set freely and heating temperature

Heating Time

4.55.5 Hours

Liquefied petroleum gas heating parameters

Calorific Value

28000 Kcal / H

Gas Consumption

3Kg / H

Liquefied Gas Bottle Specifications

50KG/BottleTwo bottles

Cylinder Changed Method

Automatic liftingDon't need to manual handling

Equipment Exhibition

thermal regeneration asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle

二、Performance Feature

1. Adopt special underpan of changed DONGFENG second type, commins 180 horse power engine, maximum running speed can arrive to 90 km/h. Meet the need of fast operation, fast leave at expressway. Exhaust gas is up to the national Ⅳ standard.

2. Both of the two sets heating system has the function of heating cold material and keep warm for hot. 380V electrical heating can be used together with the heating system of hydraulic gas in bin according to the condition if construction site. The transfer of heating way can be easily