Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Technology

After several years of operation, with the continuous increase in traffic, asphalt pavement will appear in varying degrees of various diseases, mainly for the cracks, pits, pumping pulp, loose, bridge jumpers and some lane rut, etc. There is insufficient strength of the pavement structure, these diseases caused by increasing the area of ​​road damage, flatness reduced, greatly reducing the use of the road function, not only affect the driving comfort and safety, and can not meet the national standards, the impact of regional highway rankings The

Reasonable maintenance is of great significance to extend the service life of the road, reduce the maintenance cost of the whole life cycle of the road, improve the service level of the highway and the efficiency of resource utilization, and can achieve the goal performance and cost efficiency maximization.
First, irrigation technology
It is the most commonly used road maintenance technology to prevent the infiltration of rainwater into the road caused by water damage, while also slowing the development of cracks.
Common irrigation materials: ordinary hot asphalt, modified hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, special pouring glue, direct irrigation joints, slotted irrigation joints, fill for pouring asphalt sand.
Second, the thin cover technology
Through the original pavement structure of the thin cover, restore the original surface surface service function, thickness 2 ~ 75px, can cover SMA9.5, Superpave9.5 and OGFC9.5.
Equipment Exhibition
road crack repair machine
Third, NovaChip ultra-thin wear layer
The use of special construction equipment paving, a molding, the thickness of 1-2cm, intermittent gradation, polymer modified asphalt mixture in a layer of large polymer modified emulsified asphalt adhesive layer, can increase the surface resistance Slip, anti-wear surface damage, reduce water mist to reduce noise and so on.
Four, micro-surface and slurry seal layer
Microscope can also be called "polymer modified emulsified asphalt slurry seal", is the polymer modified emulsified asphalt, high-quality aggregates, water, additives and fillers (usually cement) in a certain proportion of mixing into a mixture And the use of special spreader paving on the road, the conservation, rolling the formation of thin pavement. Its main purpose is to delay the occurrence of rut and improve the road conditions.
Five, fog seal layer
The fog seal is a more typical application of dilute, slow-setting emulsified asphalt. It uses the asphalt sprayer to spread the emulsified asphalt directly onto the surface without covering the aggregate, which can improve the anti-skid performance by sandblasting. Mainly for the treatment began to appear a slight fatigue cracking, loss of some fine aggregate of the road, this stage is the most effective means of conservation, and its lower cost. Fog seal layer can play a role in the restoration of road surface oxidation and hardening asphalt adhesion, to fill the road cracks and cracks, to prevent the road surface underwater, so that the road under low temperature from damage, to prevent loose road and other effects, Can be used to deepen the road color to distinguish the road traffic lane.