Application of sealant pouring in road maintenance

During the road construction and process of conservation, pouring sealant is one of the major conservation techniques, the use of this process has important implications for road construction, Therefore enterprises should pay attention and speed up the construction technique in the applications. During the specific construction process, it is must to follow the construction requirements strictly and process the construction means more standardization, so as to do some help for the deal with the phenomenon of asphalt cracks .

During the process of road construction, the traditional asphalt pavement exist cracks often affected by temperature , and even been repaired, the cracks will appear again if the temperature changes, not only affect the road surface appearance, while the quality of the road will have a more serious impact. It is necessary to adopt more effective way to maintain the pavements, specially to deal well the cracks. Obviously the traditional process can not meet the needs of modern road construction,the more advanced technology is must, both to ensure the quality but also bring some economic benefits for road construction. 
Working principle of sealant pouring
In the high-temperature environment of 193 ℃, sealant was liquid status, liquid sealant and asphalt road will be an effective combination, play a role in the permeability. When the temperature decreases, the liquid sealant will appear a high-adhesion and superior resilient action.At this time, there will be cracks because of thermal expansion, even the elastic deformation occurs. In such cases, the liquid sealant will sealing the crack in a sealed state. As science and technology continue to change and develop, cracks appears during road construction increasingly serious. The construction technology of sealant must be modified for further optimization, in order to meet the needs of road construction, to ensure the safety of traffic, also ensure the aesthetics of the road surface and durability. The construction process of sealant pouring  is exist under this background.