Application of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance in Expressway

1, asphalt pavement on-site thermal regeneration technology profile

Asphalt pavement on-site thermal regeneration is currently the most widely used renewable technology in the world, usually the old asphalt mixture in the case of heating, by adding renewable agents and new asphalt to regenerate the old asphalt mixture, the main construction equipment is Geothermal regeneration unit, in the construction site will be the old road heating, tipping, add new materials and renewable agent, continuous mixing, the material paving, and finally by the roller rolling molding. The construction methods are mainly two kinds: re-laying method and compound method.
Re-laying method: the original road will be heated after the loose, while the pavement on the new material layer, and then the two layers of material at the same time compression molding, the process used to restore the road surface friction and water resistance, , Eliminate rut. The construction method applies to pavement asphalt aging is not very serious, heavy vehicles are less pavement construction.
Mixing method: by adding new hot mix, regeneration additives, by site mixing, paving, compaction, to improve the existing road characteristics of the local thermal regeneration method. The complexing process is suitable for the transformation of aged pavement and heavy road surface, which is used to restore the friction characteristic and waterproof performance of the road surface, improve the cross slope, eliminate the rut and greatly improve the pavement strength. This article mainly introduces the compounding method construction technology.
2, asphalt pavement heat regeneration recycling unit
Senyuan SY4500 asphalt pavement heat regeneration plant is the current domestic asphalt pavement on-site thermal regeneration of construction equipment, the unit mainly by the two road heating machine, a heating milling machine, a heating compound mixer, the main For a large area of ​​high-grade continuous renovation work, with local heating, tipping (milling), add renewable agent, add new aggregate, new and old materials, mixing, drying, paving, leveling, compaction Features.
The road heating machine is mainly used for continuous heating of the asphalt concrete pavement with good roadbed and road surface damage, so that the surface surface temperature can reach the requirements of regenerative and reopened construction for the hot milling of the road Loose, complex mix and resurfacing operations.
The heating milling machine is mainly used for the secondary heating of the asphalt pavement, the milling on both sides of the road and the aggregate to the center of the road surface, adding the regenerator, the milling and mixing of the intermediate road surface, the depth of the milling process Automatic adjustment, aggregate will not be broken.
The heating compound is mainly used for the continuous addition of the new asphalt mixture, the mixing of the mixing material, the stirring drying heating, the aggregate, the feeding and the stirring and discharging.
Equipment Exhibition
pavement thermal regeneration equipment
3, asphalt pavement on the ground heat regeneration of the construction
Unit construction process is:
Road heating (heating machine 2, road heating temperature ≥ 120 ℃)
Road heating, side milling planing, adding regenerant, milling and mixing (one for heating milling machine)
Add a new mixture, sub-material, stirring drying, aggregate, transportation, mixing discharge (heating a mixer)
Paving regeneration mixture (6M paver one)
New road roll forming (tire, double steel roller vibratory roller combination)
1) preparatory work
Preparation of the work phase need to do the construction section of the traffic control, asphalt pavement deep disease pre-treatment, material reserves, equipment debugging and personnel in place and so on.
2) heating softened pavement
With two pavement heating machine on the damaged asphalt pavement for a large area of ​​continuous heating. The average temperature of the pavement is 120 ℃, which satisfies the requirements of regeneration construction to ensure that the aggregate will not be broken when the next step is finished.
3) hot asphalt pavement milling
The preheated asphalt pavement is reheated by a heated milling machine. The heating depth of the asphalt pavement can reach 37-50mm deep by the heating of the preheating machine and the heating milling machine. Then, Than the requirements of adding renewable agent, milling the road and mix the formation of embankment pile, and then collected into the heating mixer.
4) new, old material mixing mix
Dumping the new asphalt mixture into the receiving hopper of the heating compound mixer, and then adding the old and the old asphalt mixture with the heating compound mixer, the leveling of the mixture, the stirring drying heating, the aggregate, the feeding, Stirring and other items. The heated old mix is ​​thoroughly mixed with the regenerant, the new mix or the new aggregate in a mixing pan to form the final paving mixture, which is automatically proportionally controlled and matched to the agitation and paving functions The Equipment-specific late mixing, drying, heating process design, to ensure that the old material and the new mixture of the full heating, excluding the old mixture of moisture, improve the quality of operations.
5) paving compaction
The regenerated new asphalt mixture was unloaded from a 6-meter paver hopper by a heated mixer, paving a new asphalt mixture on a asphalt pavement with a paver and then rolling with a roller. Paving process and the general new pavement above the pavement process is basically the same, rolling according to the test to determine the rolling process, and do seam joints at the work.