Application of Asphalt Concrete Road Construction Technology

At present, China is in an important turning point of economic development. In order to provide good infrastructure guarantee for the rapid development of economy, the local governments will strengthen the construction of municipal road projects. Urban road construction can not only promote the process of urbanization, People's lives more convenient and quick. In the construction of municipal roads, in order to improve the construction quality and efficiency, we will be asphalt concrete road construction technology into the construction process. Here let us specifically to explore.

First, the asphalt concrete road construction technology concept and advantages
Asphalt concrete road construction technology is a new type of advanced road construction technology, which has an important role in improving road quality. At present, this technology has been widely used in the construction of municipal roads in China. The technology is mainly asphalt concrete and concrete as the main raw material for mixing, and then mixed with the material as a road to lay the basic material, which can effectively increase the adhesion between the various raw materials, the best use of roller crushing It's up. In the construction of asphalt concrete road construction technology, the application requirements are also very high, not only requires a good adhesion between the road and the road, but also requires the construction of the road has a certain strength and stress, only to achieve these Request to ensure that the road life is longer. In the actual operation process, asphalt concrete road construction technology has a high sustainability, high construction quality advantages, in general, its technical advantages mainly in the following areas:
(A) the construction of high efficiency, greatly reduce the cost.
Asphalt concrete road construction technology required raw materials are very simple and easy to obtain, but also in the construction process without complex development process, all the materials can be a one-time laying, so this greatly reduces the cost of construction. At the same time asphalt concrete road construction of the mixed material fixed forming time, after the completion of the laying can be quickly open to the public, so there can greatly shorten the construction period, improve the construction efficiency, effective mitigation of urban traffic pressure.
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(B) better road performance
Asphalt concrete road construction technology laying the municipal road in the waterproof, anti-skid and increase the road friction coefficient has a greater advantage, so that can effectively reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, but also to effectively enhance the use of municipal roads Performance, so in the municipal road construction process has been widely used.
(C) roadbed protection better.
Asphalt concrete road construction technology is another important advantage is the road on both sides of the roadbed to play a very good protection. This is mainly due to the asphalt mixed material has a strong ability to adsorb the powder, can be formed on the road layer with a strong adsorption of the material layer, so that you can better protect the integrity of the road to prevent moisture infiltration , So as to further prevent the decline in subgrade strength.