Analysis on Investment Prospect of Roller Industry in 2017

From the China Construction Machinery Industry Association was informed that, due to traffic infrastructure construction investment has increased in the first half, pavement and compaction machinery main production enterprises sales roller 8593, an increase of 8.91%; sales of asphalt paver 1228, an increase of 4.42 %. The first half of the road and compaction machinery industry gradually out of the trough, to achieve a small increase. Compressed machinery market in the second half will continue to develop in the right direction. Analysis on the Investment Prospect of Roller Industry in China in 2016.

As the regional economic and highway construction development rate is uneven, the first half of 2016, the regional roller and asphalt paver sales are quite different. Compared with the same period in 2016, about 71% of the first half of 2017, autonomous regions and municipalities of road roller sales have increased to varying degrees, the growth rate of 110% to 147%. In addition, about 52% of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities asphalt pavers sales growth in varying degrees, the growth rate of 115% -1.6%.
In the first half of the road and compacting machinery, the main production enterprises sales situation is very different, to a certain extent, reflect the production enterprises to deal with the differences in market risk ability.
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Among them, the first half of the asphalt paver sales ranks the top five enterprises are: Sany Heavy Industry, Xu Road Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huatong Power Co., Ltd., Zoomlion and Wittgen China Machinery Co.,
Roller sales in the top five production enterprises are: Xugong, Luoyang Road Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Xiamen Engineering Sanming Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Liugong Wuxi Road Machinery Co., Ltd., Hill pushed shares.
Although the recent state will not introduce large-scale fiscal stimulus policies to stimulate economic growth, but 2017 is the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan" ahead of the day, the state of transport facilities and urbanization construction investment Will be more in place. Coupled with the "thirteen five" period, China's roads, railways, airports, water conservancy and other infrastructure construction and urbanization construction will maintain a certain investment intensity, with the economy further improved, China's road and compaction machinery industry will Maintain steady and steady development.