Analysis on Development Trend of Roller Industry

The use of roller mechanical construction has become a habit of road construction for many years, and the roller is quick and easy, reduces the extra expenses and eliminates the trouble of replacing the tool. With the development of technology, roller increasingly diversified, different sizes, the appearance of more abundant, by many road builders of all ages. Analysis of the industry, China's road roller industry development will move towards three trends. Analysis on the Development of China 's Roller Industry in 2016.

Trends hot one: energy saving
According to the 2016-2021 roller industry depth analysis and the "13th Five-Year" development planning guidance report In addition to trying to develop more easy to use products, we also see a new trend, many small roller manufacturers began to focus on the introduction of resistance Smaller, more powerful small roller products, this product not only to achieve low-emission high-performance features, but also a wider range to use, ultra-narrow operation width, is the perfect alternative to conventional compaction equipment.
urban pavement multifunction vibration roller
Trends Hotspot 2: Safety
Today, urban construction is more and more reflect the development of a city, and security issues are particularly important, with the increase in vehicles, frequent traffic accidents, to bring a fear of people's lives, and small roller in the use of convenient and convenient Move, so that residents feel close to their own lives, from the security point of view, a small roller machine for the roller industry's boutique choice. You will find that the original life can be introduced, the trend of small-scale roller knocked the market, get the corresponding market value.
Trend 3: Convenience
Aging is becoming more and more serious, smart businessmen gradually began to footsteps in this area. Small roller armrest with flat gear adjustment mechanism, flexible and convenient, can adapt to different age groups of workers to operate. Not too many complex buttons, there is no modern organs and long talk about the use of instructions, but will not make you hurt the edges and blunt design. Surface spray, beautiful and beautiful, rust and corrosion resistance, from the location, function and accessibility and other details to start, so that people of different ages can easily use a small roller.
In short, it is worth sure that small-scale road roller products with the development of technology, more scientific, humane, healthy.