Advantages of Asphalt Pavement Thermal Recycling Equipment Construction

(1)to achieve 100% of the use of materials, saving resources, environmental protection

Asphalt pavement on-site thermal regeneration construction can ensure that the size of the aggregate size of the same, by adding renewable agent can restore the asphalt performance, to achieve the old road mix on the local recycling, saving resources, the construction process will not produce toxic gases and Harmful substances, the entire construction process will not cause pollution to the environment, social benefits significantly.
(2) to save investment
At present, the traditional asphalt pavement maintenance method is to dry the old asphalt pavement, sprinkle a layer of sticky oil layer, and then with a new asphalt mixture paving. And the local thermal regeneration can be 100% of the old asphalt mixture, the use of road maintenance costs significantly reduced, according to the rough statistics of the construction costs, compared with the traditional maintenance methods, the results show that the use of in situ heat regeneration of the construction process than the traditional method Compared to the construction costs can be reduced by nearly 40%.
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(3) technical advantages
Mainly in:
A, improve the quality of pavement repair, eliminating the traditional treatment methods exist weak joints and weak interface, improve the patchwork of old and new pavement, improve the quality of road repair.
B, improved road gradation, reduced porosity, extended road life.
C, to restore the performance of asphalt and asphalt mixture of flexibility.
D, improve the efficiency of road maintenance work.
E, can alleviate the semi-rigid base reflection cracks.